Discover the local Lighthouses 

Our Lorne accommodation sites offer an easy jumping off point for visiting one of the region’s most magnificent man-made features – its lighthouses.  And now, before the summer crowd crush, is the time to go!  An invigorating walk around these magnificent outposts will fill you with admiration for the men and women whose job it was to keep the Otway Coast safe.

The Cape Otway Lighthouse

This was first lit in 1848 and when it was decommissioned in 1994 it was the longest serving continually operating facility of its kind in the country.  Take a walk around the grounds and learn how several dedicated families eked out an existence for one reason and one reason only – to keep the light alive.  With supplies only arriving twice a year, these families had to keep their own livestock, grow vegetables, cut firewood and deal with the native Gadabanud Tribe while surviving in a loneliness most would find maddening. 

The Telegraph Station on the grounds once performed a vital shipping function.  Built in 1859, its job was to communicate the vessels passing Cape Otway to the Port of Melbourne.  These days, it’s a fascinating history lesson that will entrance.

Split Point Lighthouse

A short drive to Aireys Inlet will see you gazing skyward toward Split Point Lighthouse.  This beacon offers regular 45 minute tours so be sure to bring stair-walking shoes and take your vertigo pills – her 34 meter climb will take your breath away before the view does.  Once you have reached the pinnacle, hold onto the rail and soak in the spectacle.  It’s magnificent!

There’s something about a lighthouse that makes you ask, “Could I have lived in these harsh conditions?”  Of course the answer is, “No.  It doesn’t have a big screen TV.”  Nonetheless, it’s sometimes interesting to ponder.  So return to your spacious and comfortable Lorne accommodation to complete your ponderings with a glass of Shiraz.