Lorne Accommodation - Great Ocean Road

Something Different

Sue and Laurel have been holidaying in Lorne for decades.  The years have come and gone and so has their time in nursing, publishing and teaching.  Throughout this time, however, their love for Lorne has remained a constant. Another unifying force in their friendship has been a love of France.  So when they found themselves considering the future in 2007, they wondered how they could combine these loves.

They saw a small house on William Street in Lorne was for sale.  They quit their jobs, bought the house, completely renovated it and turned it into the charming French boutique bed and breakfast we now know as La Perouse.  

With an accent on casual elegance, they have gracefully transformed the house into a luxurious French outpost in the heart of Lorne.  The prints, furniture, books and artifacts they have selected are reminiscent of France and have further enhanced the mood.

But perhaps it is their breakfasts that steal the show.  There is nothing quite like a Parisian style breakfast on the deck (including fresh croissants) to set you up for the day. Both Sue and Laurel agree – their sea-change has been a long-chased dream come true.  

They are lucky enough to enjoy the occasional holiday in France, staying in small places similar to La Perouse, to ensure what they do is authentic.

Only 2 hour’s drive from Tullamarine Airport and one from Avalon Airport, a little piece of France is available in Lorne thanks to the efforts of Laurel and Sue.  They have indeed created something different.