Discover the waterfall walks in Lorne

La Perouse Lorne offers an easy jumping off point for visiting some of the region’s most magnificent natural features – its waterfalls.  And spring is the time to go!  A relaxing walk in the hinterland to one of the following cascades will lift your holiday spirit and make you feel like you’ve earned that next pastry.

Erskine Falls

Erskine Falls Road is an extension of William Street and will take you to the falls named to honour the town and clan of Erskine in Scotland.  Immediately you open your car door in the car park, the pungent aroma of the towering Mountain Ash eucalypts will tickle your nostrils and accompany you the short distance to the 30m falls.  From the first lookout, a beautiful ferny gorge and the falls unfold before you.  A further few hundred meters down the staircase will take you to the bottom of the falls where the cool mist will invigorate your skin.  This extra exercise will justify eating the croissants at breakfast.

Sheoak Falls

Head south on the Great Ocean Road from Lorne and the Sheoak car park is near the second river mouth along.  Named after the spindly leafed trees that line the path leading to the falls, this spectacular cascade resembles a torrent rolling down a black shingled roof.  The 15m drop slowly arches until the water tumbles the last few meters vertically to the pool below.  From the car park, another moderate 7km circuit walk is available.  This is recommended if you are considering the sweet pastries as well.

Your Lorne accommodation is so close to these spectacles that we hope you take the opportunity to explore our region and share in its delights. So, dust off your walking boots and head down to Lorne to experience the walkfall walks, nature at its finest. The best time to visit the waterfalls is in the winter as the rains swell the rivers; however they also make a pleasant retreat in summer escaping the heat and the crowds.

Map of waterfall walks in Lorne

All waterfall walk packages includes:

  • early check in
  • breakfast Parisian style in our cafe daily
  • picnic lunch each day
  • afternoon tea on return to La Perouse
  • dinner at La Perouse or one of the nearby restaurants in Lorne
Transport from Melbourne, Melbourne Airport, Avalon Airport or Geelong can also be arranged (via the Great Ocean Road.